~♥ Mami’s 1:1 Musket Prop Replica Deboxing ♥~

I am ecstatic that I was able to secure a pre-order and actually get the Official Mami Tomoe 1:1 Musket that was released by Movic (it was a Movic and Animate exclusive). Due to some very generous friends & awesome followers who purchased a special print set back in February 2014 I was able to afford it! ♥

Special Thanks to:
Jonathan Wu
And to all those whom helped out but wish to remain anonymous ♥

I apologize for the quality of this video it was a very spur of the moment, despite considering doing it for months, it was a split-second decision right before we went out to shoot because we wanted to record my reaction opening the musket and seeing it for the first time. Unfortunately, I forgot my lav microphone at home and the video was over-exposed because it was very difficult to check the playback due to it being a super-bright day. (plus the fact I was wearing contacts which usually messes with my vision anyway)

Either way I hope you enjoy watching this video as much as I did making it! Also I’ll be releasing new photo set from this multi-day mega-shoot shortly! Look forward to it! ^_~♥

Quick Credits:
(For full credits see the video)

Starlightslk as Mami Tomoe (Madoka Magica)
Directed by Sephygoth
Camera Operated by Shocktress
Editing & Titles by Starlightslk

Cosplay made & worn by Starlightslk

To see more of this cosplay and my other cosplays check out my website: Starlightslk.com!

F Yeah Mami & Nagisa!!! \^.^/ *flails*

F Yeah Mami & Nagisa!!! \^.^/ *flails*


imagestarlightslk replied to your photo: This project may be easier to guess? Crappy webcam…

Nooooooooooooooooooo……*hides head* ;_;

You better watch out
You bettter watch out you better watch oooooooout
Chaaarlotte is coming to NOM

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quitemajorly asked:

Wow, your Mami cosplay is so beautiful. I love it! You're a really talented cosplayer and you're so beautiful! I hope I look half as good as you do when I cosplay Mami!


Aww, thank-you so much!!! You are too sweet!!! =^.^=

I wish you luck on your cosplay! ^_~

Anonymous asked:

Can I ask where you got your Mami school girl shoes from? They're so cute and I'd like to find that pair for my lolita cord. ; ;


Aww, Thanks! I love them so much!

I got them custom made by a store that makes made-to-order lolita shoes, I can’t seem to find the info right now but if I do I’ll post it here.

Anonymous asked:

i am going to eat your head the next time you have dessert. how does that make you feel? o^_^o


Hmm, what?


Noooo….but I like desert…and I really like my head where it is…


So I would try to fight you off…or something


But please don’t eat my head ;_; *hides*

~♥ Event: Madoka Magica Screening NYC - Sunday, October 21, 2012 ♥~

Going to the Madoka Magica NYC Sunday Screening was an amazing experience! I cosplayed as Mami, which was lucky since I had recovered from pneumonia just in time to be able to do so. I even got to chill with sewthoughtful who cosplayed Kyoko to the screening because she lucked into last minute tickets which was super amazing! ^_^b

Waiting in line was tons of fun! Sephygoth & I had tried to get there about 45 minutes earlier than we actually got there, tho we were still over 2 hours early. We tried to get there so early because we were hoping this would enable us to wait in line inside; but despite being that early the line was just long enough where we were waiting outside. (Luckily it wasn’t too chilly outside so that I wasn’t totally freezing in my cosplay.) XD

Regardless of the temperature outside, the line was a ton of fun, I got to hang out with friends & meet new people! Plus the atmosphere was so wonderful since everyone there was super excited to see the movies! Some adorable girl even ran up to me and wanted to take a few pics of me with their Charlotte scarf. Too cute!

The theater itself was actually pretty small and the seats were huge and comfy, but upon seeing the theater it was no wonder that the tickets had sold-out so quickly! (There couldn’t have been more than 100-ish seats in the house.) Despite having to wait outside we were still far enough up in line that I still got what I consider “perfect” seats! They were just the right distance from the screen and proper placement in the row according to my tastes. \^o^/

I was disappointed by the lack of merchandise, I would have totally bought several of the exclusive movie items that I’d seen online. I still really want things like the cell-phone charms, but I knew there wasn’t going to be any way before the screening so it could have been way more annoying than it was. I, honestly, was most disappointed in the lack of posters especially since the poster had the Statue of Liberty on it and it was one of the NYC screenings. ;_;

As for the movies themselves, they were fantastic! There were little bits of added footage here & there and some that got cut as well (but nothing that felt missing within the flow of the movies). The re-drawn scenes & backgrounds were gorgeous and everything that was added enhanced the story but didn’t change it. Even the witches looked better, imo. I loved the little treat that was played before they started the first film. It was a short intro given by the Japanese voice actresses and I counted at least 2 that were wearing their character’s soul-gem necklaces!

I totally got a little misty eyed when they started giving the intro, something that happened frequently through out the movies even though I’ve watched the series so much. (My only 2 complaints had nothing to do with the films themselves, those were the rather late start time for such a long run-time & also that there was no intermission between the 2 films.)

All in all it was totally worth everything to see it on the big screen! *.*

After the screening finished I had to take off right away and I felt bad because I couldn’t stop to chat or for picture requests since I was hurting so bad due to the corset (sitting for that long in a corset proved to be a very bad idea especially after just getting over pneumonia). ;_; Luckily Sephygoth was able to help me make a quick escape so that we could get back to the hotel so I could get out of my corset asap. Once I had changed out of cosplay we went and got some yummy Korean BBQ at about 3am (at a place right near our hotel) since I also hadn’t had a chance to get dinner before the movie. ^^;

~♥ Dragon*con 2012 Picture Diary: The Second Half ♥~

  • Sunday (09/02/2012) - Mami Tomoe Magical Girl & Swimsuit (Beach Queens)
  • Monday (09/03/2012) - Morrigan Aesland Alt/Win Pose
  • Tuesday (09/04/2012) - Relax & Depart
  • Wednesday (09/05/2012) - Train & Home

Sunday - Sunday was a pretty chill day, I woke-up and got into my Mami cosplay, wandered the con for a bit and while in one of the dealer’s rooms was given a foil MtG card “Blood Artist” by an awesome random person with whom I had chatted about Madoka Magica with while waiting to peruse the Magic cards for sale at one of the tables; the quote on the card was oddly pertinent to the day. Later I met up with DarkainMX for a mini-shoot. He even knew another cosplayer that was cosplaying Homura at that time and he got us together for a few pics! ^_^

After I hit my time limit in Mami I took a brief restbit in our room before venturing out in Beach Queens Mami with Sephygoth as Katastrophia. Since it was such a quick change-over I didn’t have time to remove the Magical Girl accessories from Mami’s wig to switch them out for her beach flower & regular hair clip. Regardless, people seemed to get a kick out of it and us together. There were even a few that recognized me from earlier in the day. We had a pretty tough time getting around again, although it still wasn’t as bad as Thursday night. XD lol

After we wandered for a while, we met-up with KrazyFlower for some in-room dining & masquerade watching since they broadcast it to the rooms on the in-hotel TV channel. It was a ton of fun but I was pretty exhausted so we didn’t end-up staying up too late.

Monday - Monday was a pretty chill day. After taking a trip to pre-reg for 2013 I changed into Morrigan (Darkstalkers) alternate for the final day of the convention while Sephygoth wore Fusion the Cyber Kitty again.

This was the day we got to do all our main shopping since it was more relaxed. We got snagged for a video interview (which I’ve still never seen) and even had problems with a stalker. (And again I got no good pics of myself ><)

Once the convention had shut down we went for a post convention drink at the hotel bar & chilled there for a bit still lookin’ snazzy. Eventually we changed-up, started packing, and grabbed a nice dinner before calling it a day around midnight/1am. ^^;

Tuesday - Luckily Sephygoth had asked for late check-out so we were able to sleep-in and pack at a leisurely pace. Plus I was even able to get a nice relaxing bath in before we had to truck our luggage downstairs to wait for the time to reserve next-year’s room came around. Once the room was gotten we chilled out with a photog who turned out to be a local MA guy and we practically chatted till we needed to leave to catch our train.

The train ride was only ok since there had been a mistake about our room and for some reason I wasn’t in their system so they kept giving Sephygoth & I a hard time about this, at least until lunch on Wed when I think they finally realized that we were actually a legit couple and I was not just some random person hanging out with him. Tho I do have to say we did get to have dinner with a fascinating older couple they were wonderful conversation, they were very sweet and even got us desert.

Wednesday - Other than being massively tired the train ride was pretty uneventful except for the random electrical storm which for some reason delayed our train by 2 hours. At least it was on the train that had wi-fi so we were able to get online and even find a few pics of both of us from the convention on our way home.

Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 3

Mami Tomoe school uniform cosplay progress!
This was my second attempt at her skirt since I was very disappointed in the 1st one I made. This skirt is fully lined &amp; finished. I&#8217;m just adding the finishing touches on it now (like the closure).
The shoes arrived yesterday and I just need to add some extra holes to the straps since I have tiny feet.

Mami Tomoe school uniform cosplay progress!

This was my second attempt at her skirt since I was very disappointed in the 1st one I made. This skirt is fully lined & finished. I’m just adding the finishing touches on it now (like the closure).

The shoes arrived yesterday and I just need to add some extra holes to the straps since I have tiny feet.

Mami &amp; Homura starting to get ready for Christmas!

Mami & Homura starting to get ready for Christmas!



I&#8217;m so glad you actually did this! ♥ LOL (I still find it disturbing tho&#8230;poor Mami&#8230;@@)
♥ Happy Thanksgiving! ♥



I’m so glad you actually did this! ♥ LOL (I still find it disturbing tho…poor Mami…@@)

♥ Happy Thanksgiving! ♥

Bang! #MamiTomoe #MadokaMagica #Mami #figma

Bang! #MamiTomoe #MadokaMagica #Mami #figma

swiftsnowmane replied to your post: I hope my fabric order arrives early next week so…

What’s your new cosplay? :)

Mami Tomoe’s School Uniform (Madoka Magica)

This is the new cosplay I’m waiting on fabric for. I frikin’ love Mami & Madoka Magica and I’ve been wanting to make one of her other outfits so that I could have one I can wear for as long as I wanted. Plus I needed a new comfy/school uniform cosplay since I feel I’ve worn the other ones I’ve made a ton of times.

I’m really oddly excited about this, partly because I found what looks to be the perfect plaid and partly because it’s so cute & comfy looking! ^_^

I’ve already started on her hair accessories & I’m hoping to pump out the bow (& maybe collar & cuffs since I already have that material) and the patterning for the top sometime this weekend in-between working on other things. I’ve worked out in my head how I want to make everything except the triangle trim so I just need to get that down on pattern paper. The only thing I’m not particularly looking forward to making is the skirt since I hate making pleated skirts already (they aren’t hard, just slightly time consuming) and now I actually have to match plaid for the first time, again not difficult just one more thing to add to the mix.



I hope my fabric order arrives early next week so I can work on a new cosplay, but really I should probably make rifles during Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving in America

I hope my fabric order arrives early next week so I can work on a new cosplay, but really I should probably make rifles during Thanksgiving.