Here are some of my pieces in Hub Comics Sailor Moon Art Show! ❤️

The opening reception this Saturday, August 30, 2014 from 7-9pm! I’m planning on going to the opening, hopefully in cosplay! See you there!!!✨🌙✨ 😘

~♥ Mami’s 1:1 Musket Prop Replica Deboxing ♥~

I am ecstatic that I was able to secure a pre-order and actually get the Official Mami Tomoe 1:1 Musket that was released by Movic (it was a Movic and Animate exclusive). Due to some very generous friends & awesome followers who purchased a special print set back in February 2014 I was able to afford it! ♥

Special Thanks to:
Jonathan Wu
And to all those whom helped out but wish to remain anonymous ♥

I apologize for the quality of this video it was a very spur of the moment, despite considering doing it for months, it was a split-second decision right before we went out to shoot because we wanted to record my reaction opening the musket and seeing it for the first time. Unfortunately, I forgot my lav microphone at home and the video was over-exposed because it was very difficult to check the playback due to it being a super-bright day. (plus the fact I was wearing contacts which usually messes with my vision anyway)

Either way I hope you enjoy watching this video as much as I did making it! Also I’ll be releasing new photo set from this multi-day mega-shoot shortly! Look forward to it! ^_~♥

Quick Credits:
(For full credits see the video)

Starlightslk as Mami Tomoe (Madoka Magica)
Directed by Sephygoth
Camera Operated by Shocktress
Editing & Titles by Starlightslk

Cosplay made & worn by Starlightslk

To see more of this cosplay and my other cosplays check out my website:!


P-preview pics… ;) Taken by starlightslk and eventually more will come.

SLK also made this amazing kig for me ♥

Went to Chazzfox’s place for the weekend & this was some of the trouble we got into XP

P.S. I do offer custom made-to-order kigurumi PJs for commission on my site currently! I can do original design or based off of pre-existing characters, just contact me for a free custom quote!

A sneak preview of this weekend’s multi-location photoshoot! (Day 1; location 2)

A sneak preview of this weekend’s multi-location photoshoot!

(Day 1; location 2)

So excited by today’s Sailor Moon announcement by @VIZmedia!

So excited by today’s Sailor Moon announcement by @VIZmedia!

Making Sailor Moon princess necklace for actual stock on my Storenvy! I have also just listed the earrings I make to match the necklaces! ^_~Check them out!

Making Sailor Moon princess necklace for actual stock on my Storenvy! I have also just listed the earrings I make to match the necklaces! ^_~

Check them out!


Final stuff on Easter Darkstalkers. We have too many appearantly.

I think this was best one taken that night, legs…for days, plus double  boobsy bonus. so please look at out PAIR pics!

Starlightslk just looks too cute, maybe some to sell later?

A few things…

I’m still working on finalizing contact with all of the winners of my giveaway, once everyone has confirmed that their code works I’ll be posting a list of the winners. ^_~

In other news, I’m still very much deep in cosplay/costume making. My con season is technically over for now but I’m doing repairs, finishing-up some in-progress costumes, & preparing for photoshoots (this includes both Mami & Liliana in the very near future).

The photoshoot I’m working on planning for Mami will be the one finally with her musket! I have a few minor repairs to make on her but the main hold-up is currently the weather & also settling on a location (I want it to be awesome). To those that helped me get it you will see them before anybody else as a special treat in addition to the prints you’ve already pre-ordered! ♥♥♥

I will hopefully also be getting my website fully up to date soon, I’ve been making small bits of progress here & there on it and I hope to keep it up! I also want to finish my back-log of photo & video editing, I’ve started on some of the photoshoots I gave at Katsucon & will be working from there. (Please keep in mind I’m doing all this while still looking for a job…@@)

In addition to all that I’m working on making more of the cosplay jewelry I sell (it is currently up in my storenvy please check it out!) Since I am between jobs I’m hoping to get into some artist alleys in the meantime to actually be able to sell it in person like I was able to do so at AB thanks to @soltian with the help of @chazzfox to connect us. ♥♥♥

I am also seriously contemplating selling prints & such of my cosplays, if you are at all interested please feel free to give me feedback (ask, comment, reblog, tweet, etc…), even if it is just to say that you are interested. ^^; Also I wanna make prints that people would be interested in so let me know your favorite picture that you would like to see turned into a print! ;)

~Starlightslk ♥

P.S. I know I’ve resisted the idea of selling prints for so long but it is one of the few ways I can think of to help out while I’m unemployed…both for my cosplay budget (which is virtually non-existant right now) as well as other expenses. ^^;

Me as L.Raptor from earlier today at #PAXeast! #cosplay #darkstalkers #lraptor #LordRaptor #zabel

Me as L.Raptor from earlier today at #PAXeast! #cosplay #darkstalkers #lraptor #LordRaptor #zabel

Wandering Katsucon as Kagome!

Wandering Katsucon as Kagome!

Thursday Night at Katsucon was Neko Mimi Mode time! ~Nya~ :3 

Thursday Night at Katsucon was Neko Mimi Mode time! ~Nya~ :3 

Kagome’s shirt preview!

Kagome’s shirt preview!

Wednsday night’s photoshoot preview of @Shocktress as Fara from Star Fox! #katsucon #StarFox #cosplay #MyPhotography

Wednsday night’s photoshoot preview of @Shocktress as Fara from Star Fox! #katsucon #StarFox #cosplay #MyPhotography


I’m offering 2 special cosplay print sets to help me pay for this drool-worthy 1:1 scale Mami Rifle to go with my cosplay! (I struggle with making props & would love to have the official Musket to go with my cosplay & match my RAH Mami figure too!)

Buying this super special exclusive print set helps me pay for it. I have till February 9th to pay for the frikin sweet pre-order I have on the musket but since I’ve been unemployed it’s not in my normal budget. So this is where you come in! By buying this print set you are helping me pay for that sweet sweet pre-order! ^_^

This special set consists of Four(4) prints of my Mami cosplay: one(1) Mami from Katsucon 2011(as seen above), one(1) of Mami in her Mitakihara school uniform (TBD), & two(2) exclusive prints of me as Mami with the Rifle (both to be taken during a special photoshoot once I get the rifle sometime after PAX East 2013).

I will be autographing these so if you would like them personalized please include a note.

Please Note that Pre-Orders will be closing on February 9th for these sets!

Large - 8”x10”
Small - 4”x6”

Re-blogging as a reminder because I will be closing the print pre-orders sometime tomorrow. I’m so close to my goal so please check it out! Thank-you so much!


New Juri photos on!

Starlightslk makes such a lovely Cammy ;_;

OMG *flails* Yay! \^o^/

That shoot was so much fun ♥♥♥ & Hezachan is a frikin amazing Juri! *.*